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Renown International Engineering consultants Cundall headed by Bettina Easton of the Light4 Cundall team have tackled their first ever Vivid lighting festival with an exciting and interactive light and art contribution called Habitat. The intent of the design team was to raise a greater urgency for action against our habitual and harmful reliance on the consumption of plastic products and impacting positive change contrary to our reliance on plastic production.




The light and art installation consisted of a circular structure resembling that of a plastic bottle top with vertical lines of illumination around the structure’s circumference resembling the thin vertical ridges of a bottle top. These vertical ridges were illuminated with programmable RGB LEDs enhancing the structures visual appeal and interactivity within its setting. The marine-themed interior with walls textured from crumpled and branded recycled plastic bags that set the under-water theme with Marine life imagery and “finding Nemo” activity for the kids. A special mention to the students of Concord High School in Sydney’s inner-west. It was their enthusiasm and collective efforts in substantially aiding the recycling targets for this project.

Onelight is overwhelmed to have been a part of such an important project as well as share the journey with the dedicated and passionate teams of Light4 Cundall, Top Knot Carpentry and Joinery, Plenary Group and Richard Crookers Constructions, collectively contributing to the design, construction and management of the Habitat installation.

If you were not able to visit Vivid Sydney 2019 you might wish to visit the event’s website https://www.vividsydney.com/ or visit our projects page to view images of Onelight’s contribution to the 2018 “Come Fly with Me” and 2019 “Habitat” Vivid Sydney installations.

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