LED mirco ceiling recessed luminaire providing symetrical, low-glare light distribution. The Arcane-F44 is the latest addition in the Arcane series. Optimised performance with exceptional colour consistency matched with minimalistic and clean aesthetics makes the Arcane mini the perfect choice fora multitude of general and accent applications. Arcane mini utilises Cree LED technology complete with mains dimmable ECG. Arcane mini offers 5 year warranty.

Key Features

Luminaire Wattage:3.25W (System 4W)
Luminous Flux:230-265Lm
Luminaire Efficacy:62.5lm
Correlated Colour Temperature:3000K, 4000K standard; 2700K optional
Colour Rendering Index:>95
Glare control:UGR<19
Distribution:Symmetrical fixed 48° (standard)
Cut Out:Ø50mm Trim; ceiling cut-out Ø44
Protection Rating:IP44
Finish options:Matte White standard; matte Black, custom finishes available on request
Longevity: 50,000Hrs @ L80
LED Type:Cree COB
Mac-Adam Ellipse:3-Step
Driver:Mains-dimmable ECG as standard
Dimming:Optional 0-10V dimming, DALI-2/DSI, corridorFUNCTION, ready2mains, basicDIM Wireless on request
Warranty:5 year
  • Adjustable mounting springs installation 3-25mm
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